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Out Of Neutral

by Natalie Perera

To the blog.

Ready to discover what you truly want, and not just what you think you want? I’ve been there too, let’s talk!




I empower confident female leaders to re-discover what energizes them in their careers and to take bold action to get what they really want! From landing a lucrative & purposeful dream career, to having more time to focus on what you REALLY enjoy outside of work, I am here to be your powerful ally and support you in expanding the possibilities for your future. In my 10+ years in the corporate world, I’ve gone through almost every transition imaginable, shifting industries, pivoting to a new area of focus (even though everyone thought I was crazy), moving from London to the US, and working in a corporate office to working from home full-time. I’ve also experienced the discomfort & unique opportunities that come along with often being one of the only woman and person of color in a room. Through it all, I’ve learned that most people believe that a corporate career has to look only one way, when in reality, there are so many ways to make it work for you. 

I'm Natalie

 Whether you’re currently in a place of desiring new experiences, growing your skillset, advancing your leadership, changing roles or industries, I’m here to let you know that although it may seem daunting or impossible, it’s not! I’m excited to help you craft & implement a strategy to feel more energized, work smarter, & climb the right ladder for you. Let’s accelerate your career growth, align the roadmap with your unique dreams, and embark on the journey of a lifetime!